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May 14, 2020 · 10 min read

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This assignment is part of Marketeers’s project.

Daesang’s Eat & Travel Film Festival Vlog Competition is an appreciation program that held by Daesang, a South Korean company whom produce food seasoning. The program held as a culinary tour. Take place in various culinary sites of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Seoul, the selected participants given a task to documenting their culinary experience in form of video format. After that, Daesang selected the best one to become the champions of the competition. This program held as a join partnership between South Korean team and Indonesian team. The participants are also seek from those both nations

The Indonesian participants are curated by our team. So, in order to fulfill the participants with the requirement we’re looking for, we decided to seek the potential participants a lot more from our participants target. So, we able to curated the potential one to be suitable participant.

For that purpose, the team given me an assignment to promote the opening of registration to achieve the potential participants target through Youtube Ads, which activity in its platform is one of requirement for the potential participant to be selected to become curated participant. My scope of work in this assignment is to handle the Media Placement part for the promotion.


  • Communicate the video promotion in the right place.
  • Generate traffic to register link  to fulfill potential participants.

Work Process

Illustration of Work Process

Research & Analyze

Based on the assignment and the segment that competition’s looking for, we started to learn what similarity in the segment we can group. So, we can place the promotion later and learn again, what group has most impact to traffic generating to register link. In this phase, we learn and discover some insights, they are;

  • The placement must be in video that Korean Culture enthusiasts watch.
  • We discover that their interests are mainly focused on these categories;
    • Food & Dining,
    • Beauty & Wellness,
    • Travel, and
    • Lifestyle & Hobbies.
  • Based on the competition segmentation we targeted current college students, in the age of 18-24 years old.
  • Explore buzzword in Korean Culture enthusiasts term, started from “Makanan Korea” terms through Google Keyword Research Tool.
  • Discover Indonesia Youtube Channels that have Korean Culture theme in their contents.


Duration: eight days           

Based on our research, we decided to split the media placement into three placement group (Ad Group). They are based on;

  • Audiences Interest,
  • Channel Placement, and
  • Topic and Keywords.


You can find the video ads in the below.

The video ads takes in-stream video, place in every placement based on the Ad Group.

Research & Analyze

Illustration of Work Process

After eight days running the campaign, we discover that video placement based on Audiences Interests is generate the most impactful traffic to the register link. The Ad Group possible to generate such a numbers of traffic because of these factors;

  • Big audiences of Korean Culture enthusiasts in Indonesia who match with our interests targeting.
  • In the time of the campaign, the ad placement competition is low in that specific audience interests.
  • With our bid offer, the video ad in Audience Interest based ad group has successfully get in-stream videos that watched by Korean Culture enthusiast in Indonesia.
  • The in-stream video ad get attention by them and successfully persuade them to drive action (click).

So, imagine if you are a college student who have a dream to travel to South Korea because of you are highly interested with Korean Pop Culture. You listen to K Pop Music, and you watch their music videos. You eat their food, your favorite noodle is Samyang, and you watch Mukbang videos while you’re having lunch or dinner. You are also watching K Drama and get fancy by the actor or the actress. You even learn Korean language just simply because you want to know everything about Korean culture. 

Having that kind of interest, it’s easy to guest that traveling to South Korea would be a perfect holiday for you. Even better, it’s free of charge. Yes, if you are Korean culture enthusiast. With that in mind, we confidence in our plan to promote the Vlog Competition. And it seems that our assumption is match with the result.


Illustration of Work Process

During eight days long campaign, the video has 36.294 views (according to Google Ads Report). 23,5% of the viewers, watch the video until the end. And, even though it doesn’t surpass a 1% Click-Through-Rate (620 clicks), it still contribute a big portion of potential participants who register to the competition (382 registrants), which is finally get us comfort to curated them and meet 120 competition’s participants from Indonesia.

Good news is we surpassed the target by only spending one-third of our planned budget for Youtube ads.


Youtube video in-streams ads is a powerful tool to be considered to achieve your goals. It can provide you very broad audiences to reach, especially in Indonesia. But, you need to mindfully plan the project to get the ads work effective and efficiently. As you can see from the result above, there is still room for improvement. The improvement that we suggest if the program continue in the future such as:

  • Increase the view rate in Audience Interests based ad group by providing video content that catching more attention than current video in first three-seconds.
  • Channel Placement based ad group has potential to generate more traffic. But it needs to compete with higher bid to win the competition, so it can get in-stream videos in the channel that we targeted.

So, have you consider to include Social Paid Advertising in your Marketing Plan now? And, if yes, what channel would give you most impact? Imagine, that you can achieve your goals faster and more impactful if you consider this as your solution.